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Objective: Learn how to work in synchronous mode
Competencies: Animate a training activity in synchronous mode
Target population: Trainers, teachers, academic councilors, tutors.

In order to become familiar with the animation of a meeting in synchronous mode, complete the real or fictional training. In order to assist you, an expert or your trainer can join the meeting to give you advice on how to animate meetings.

The objective of this exercise: measure the competencies you have acquired as an ENJEUX moderator and experience the potential of the ENJEUX environment for animating meetings in synchronous mode. The content of the presentation is secondary. This exercise will raise your confidence in the use of the collaborative work and communication environment known as ENJEUX.

Suggested steps in creating a fictional or real meeting

If you would like to invite an administrator, contact Karol Pépin, ( kpepin@savie.qc.ca ) to participate and assist you in this process.

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