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Objective: Understand the functions of the room management tools
Competences: Be acquainted with the room management tools
Target Population: Trainers, teachers, pedagogical counsellors, and tutors.

Along with managing the presentation page and the quality of video communication, the moderator's side panel displays four menus, in which the management tools are grouped:

  • Management of video display
  • Management of the collective work tools
  • Management of the rooms and user functions
  • Management of information

In this lesson, we will examine the tools in the third menu of the moderator's side panel, “the management of the rooms and user functions”. These tools allow you to:

  • Turn on and off all the participants' microphones and Webcams (1);
  • Assign roles to participants, turn on and off an individual's microphone and camera, and the removal of a participant from the meeting (2);
  • Manage private rooms: create, close and block (3);
  • Access the different tabs in the My Profile menu without leaving the meeting (4).

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