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Objective: Be able to communicate with participants outside of a meeting. Competences: Use the audio and chat communication tools outside of a meeting. Target population: Trainers, teachers, pedagogical counsellors and tutors.

In order to facilitate formal exchanges while using ENJEUX, audio and chat communication tools are available in the My Agenda page and the Waiting Room. These tools are also available in the My Profile, Create and Join tabs. These communication tools are displayed on the right side of your screen, as indicated in this image.

You can always communicate through audio and chat with other ENJEUX users before a public or private meeting.

If the communication zone is closed, click the button to access. In the following example, the zone is not displayed.

Without the Communication Zone

In the following image, the zone is displayed. Click the button to conceal display.

With the Communication zone

In order to validate your understanding of the communication methods among participants, we invite you to answer the following questions.

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